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3 steps to take after you have been in a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Firm News |

So far in 2020, car crashes in Connecticut total more than 7,000. The accidents involved over 17,000 people and resulted in either injury or death. Compared to last year, these numbers are somewhat lower. 

When you are in an accident, your emotions may run the gamut from confusion to anger. Try to relax, so you have a clear mind to focus on what you have to do. Go through these steps after you are in an accident. 

  1. Stay calm 

No matter the accident, you must call 911. Connecticut law states a person must contact the police if there is any injury, death or property damage as the result of an accident. If you find you do not have any injuries, talk to the other drivers, passengers or witnesses and ask if everyone is OK. 

  1. Move your car

Move your car off the road if you can. State law requires anyone involved in an accident to move the vehicle from a traveled portion of the highway to an untraveled area near the accident scene. If you feel you cannot move your car, let the police handle it once they arrive. 

  1. Collect evidence

Eye-witnesses and those involved in a car accident may have different opinions of what they believe happened. Connecticut statute requires drivers at accident scenes to exchange information such as names, addresses, driver’s license numbers and car registration. Other evidence to collect is: 

  • Name and addresses of witnesses 
  • Notes of what people say caused the accident 
  • Pictures of the accident scene including the road and the other vehicles 
  • Notes of date, time and weather conditions 

Get as much evidence as you can. You may need to present the information in court and give it to your insurance company. Remember to get an accident report from the police department. Your insurance may want this to file your claim. Do not tell another driver if you believe you were at fault.