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Since 1928, the firm of Owens, Schine & Nicola has provided comprehensive services to individuals, businesses, and institutions in many Connecticut communities. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients so that we can anticipate and address their needs, develop efficient strategies, and further their overall goals. Our Connecticut personal injury lawyers maintain offices in Trumbull, Fairfield, and Norwalk. In addition to advocating for the rights of victims of accidents and medical malpractice, we have substantial experience in matters related to business organizations and transactions, commercial and residential real estate, eviction, probate administration and estate planning, and family law. Having acquired a command of a diverse range of legal fields, the attorneys in our many practice areas work in collaboration to find creative solutions tailored to the situation of each client.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury lawyers aim to ensure that accident victims and their loved ones are fairly compensated for their injuries and losses. Personal injury claims arise out of the wrongful or negligent conduct of other people or businesses. To prove the defendant’s liability in these cases, plaintiffs are required to put forth evidence establishing the elements of duty, breach, causation, and damages. Generally, each of us has a duty to exercise reasonable care in avoiding putting others at risk. When a defendant fails to act in accordance with the relevant standard of care, this is considered a breach of duty. For example, drivers will be considered negligent if they get behind the wheel while intoxicated or break a traffic law. An injured plaintiff may be able to recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, scarring, and permanent injuries that affect their employment and their ability to carry on the activities they engaged in before being injured. The law also provides compensation for the effect injuries have on an individual’s relationship with family and friends. A skilled personal injury lawyer serving Connecticut can help you pursue the damages to which you may be entitled.

At Owens, Schine & Nicola, our legal team has the experience and resources required to advocate for and pursue a successful resolution of your personal injury claim. We work with investigators to obtain all the potential facts of your case. We also employ expert witnesses who can opine on the issue of negligence, causal connection, and the injuries resulting from the defendant’s negligence. Proper preparation and discovery are critical to the successful pursuit of a personal injury claim, we pride ourselves on thoroughly preparing and pursuing our clients’ claims.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a common cause of serious injury and even death for countless drivers and passengers throughout Connecticut every year. After an auto accident, you may be facing missed work, significant physical pain, and increasing medical expenses. If your life has been altered to this degree because of someone else’s careless behavior behind the wheel, such as texting while driving, failure to yield, speeding, or running a red light, you may be entitled to compensation. The defendant in a car accident case may try to shift the blame to you, arguing that your own conduct contributed to the accident. However, even if you were partially at fault, as long as you were no more than 50 percent responsible, you can still pursue damages for the proportion of losses caused by the other driver. Our experienced Connecticut personal injury attorneys will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and utilize expert testimony as needed to establish the chain of events leading to your injuries, as well as the extent of your economic and non-economic losses.

Medical and Dental Malpractice

In a general negligence case, a defendant must be shown to have behaved in a manner inconsistent with what a reasonable person would have done under similar circumstances, thereby causing your injuries. However, there are some circumstances where a specialized standard of care applies, such as the physician-patient relationship. When you seek medical or dental care and are harmed instead of helped, you can pursue damages if your healthcare provider’s conduct fell below the standard of what a reasonable provider in the same field would have done in a similar situation, and that failure led to your injuries. Establishing a breach of duty in the professional malpractice context usually involves presenting expert testimony from a healthcare provider in the same field as the defendant. State law imposes strict procedural requirements in medical malpractice cases as well as a strict deadline to file your claim once you become aware of your injuries, so it is important to consult a skilled personal injury lawyer in Connecticut as soon as you discover that you may have been a victim of this sort of negligence.

Residential Real Estate

Owens, Schine & Nicola offers comprehensive legal advice to individuals and businesses engaged in various aspects of residential and commercial property transactions. We can guide homeowners through the intricacies of the home buying process, such as negotiating the purchase and sale agreement, conducting a title search, helping determine the insurance that may be needed, and handling any unexpected obstacles.

Commercial Real Estate

As successful commercial property holders and developers themselves, our attorneys bring a distinctive perspective to understanding the business of our clients and proposing realistic strategies. We can assist clients in all aspects of commercial real estate law, such as acquiring properties, securing financing, navigating zoning and land use regulations, and preparing deeds and conveyance documents.


In addition to providing representation in real estate transactions and serving as Connecticut personal injury lawyers, our experienced legal team provides general counsel to public housing authorities (PHA) with regard to matters including eviction and other landlord-tenant issues, public laws and regulations, contracts, redevelopment, and personnel issues including labor relations. In this role our attorneys serve as chief legal advisor to the PHA Board of Commissioners and the Executive Staff. Our depth and breadth of experience in real estate, construction, contract, municipal, and public finance law help us to provide PHA with the necessary guidance and perspective to navigate complex legal issues arising on a regular basis.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning attorneys guide people through the process of designing long-term solutions for their care and providing for their loved ones after death. Estate planning typically begins with the creation of a Last Will and Testament. Many people may benefit from forming a trust to minimize tax consequences, preserve their assets, and avoid the lengthy process of probate administration. At Owens, Schine & Nicola, we can help you determine which estate planning tools are suited to your goals. Our probate attorneys can also advise and provide legal support to executors during probate administration proceedings.

Family Law

The family law attorneys at our firm understand that legal disputes arising from a divorce are often emotional and nuanced. We strive to have the parties reach a resolution which limits the acrimony associated with divorce proceedings and preserves the marital assets for the benefit of the parties. If that approach is not successful, we provide aggressive representation. We also advise you about the realistic prospects of what could occur at trial so you can appropriately evaluate your options. In Connecticut, a divorce may be granted without proof of fault or grounds. If the parties elect to negotiate financial and custody issues without adversarial courtroom proceedings, mediation is an option to consider. Our attorneys can act as divorce mediators as well as advocates in the collaborative divorce process.

Business Law

In addition to serving as attorneys to Connecticut residents facing personal injury, estate planning, and real estate matters, our legal team provides regulatory, litigation, and transactional counsel to businesses that require attentive and experienced representation. Our corporate lawyers are able to advise a diversified group of industries, from small business owners and newly created enterprises to regional corporations, financial institutions, and universities. We can help new businesses with entity formation and organization, and we can assist established companies by developing business plans and strategies, facilitating drafting contracts, and assisting with sales and debt restructuring.

Seek Guidance From Connecticut Attorneys Skilled in Personal Injury Cases and Other Legal Matters

At Owens, Schine & Nicola, we have proudly devoted our skill, experience, and resources to bolstering the objectives of individuals and businesses over the last 90 years. Based in Trumbull, Fairfield, and Norwalk, our Connecticut lawyers offer you one destination to resolve all of your legal needs. Call Owens, Schine & Nicola at (203) 375-0600 or contact us online if you need a personal injury attorney in Connecticut or assistance with a business law, family law, estate planning, or real estate matter.

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