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Safety tips for Connecticut motorcycle riders

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Personal Injury |

The National Safety Council reports that motorcycles are disproportionately represented in traffic fatalities. If you ride a motorcycle, you are more likely to experience serious injuries in an accident than drivers of passenger cars and trucks. 

Review these important defensive driving techniques for motorcycle riders so you can protect yourself on the road. 

Know the local laws

You must follow the rules of the road when traveling by motorcycle in Connecticut. Make sure to check out traffic rules and speed limits. Motorcyclists may not travel on the line between two lanes or ride abreast with another rider in the same lane. However, you can briefly past another biker in the same lane. 

Be seen

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of motorcycle safety. Connecticut requires you to outfit your bike with a headlamp and use it at all times. Stay out of the blind spots of the vehicles around you. Signal to drivers if you plan to turn or switch lanes. 

Stay at a safe distance

Give yourself plenty of room to maneuver if a driver around you swerves or stops suddenly. Keep a safe distance from vehicles both in front of and behind your bike. Reduce speed if you find yourself getting too close to another vehicle. 

Seek education

Even if you’ve ridden a motorcycle for a few years already, taking a defensive driving class can lower your risk for a serious accident. Look for a course with accreditation from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

The NSC found that following defensive driving techniques can improve injury and fatality rates for motorcycle riders, particularly among older adults.